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Advanced Diploma in Design Communication


is a 9 months in-class learning + 3 months internship/live project programme with 520 hours (excluding internship) of intensive training and personal in-studio mentoring.


in your design education, the Advanced Diploma places you in an environment where you are exposed to scenarios such as understanding market trends, assessing client briefs, thinking on your feet – all to ensure that you are well-prepared to work in a design studio and wow your future employers.


is a graduate with an outstanding creative portfolio, one who has been closely mentored by highly experienced creative professionals and ready for the design industry.


2D Motion Graphics
Art Direction & Advanced Photography
Publication Design
Film & Video Production
Design & Business Communication
Web Design II
Digital Publishing
Integrated Advertising Campaign
Visual Culture Studies
Industrial Placement (Internship)

2D Motion Graphics

Learn the step-by-step creative and technical process of conceiving, designing and producing 2D motions graphics. Understand basic animation techniques to support work in television, film and advertising.

12 Weeks
36 Hours

Entry Requirements

  1. Diploma in Design Communication or equivalent.
  2. Portfolio.
  3. Minimum 16 years of age.
  4. A pass in any 3 subjects (inclusive of English*) at ‘O’ Level or equivalent.
  5. For applicants who do not meet requirement 2) or 4), a placement test is administered before an applicant can be enrolled into this course. Entry into the course is dependent on results of the placement test. Applicants with substantial industry practice will be interviewed and attended to on a case by case basis.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can look forward a wide range of positions in the creative industries and is primed for leadership too:

Graphic Designer
Art Director
Brand Manager
Concept & Visual Artist
Editorial Designer
Web Designer
Visual Merchanising Artist
Packaging Designer
Design Educator
Advertising Campaign Strategist

Orita Sinclair is proud of its graduates who go on to become highly successful professionals and practitioners. You can take a look at our Student and Graduate Performance Report:

Student and Graduate Performance Report


Meet our passionate educators who are all industry practitioners. They are seasoned designers and trend-setters in the creative field.

Boon Lim

Boon Lim

Course Manager, Degree Programme
Design Faculty MA in 2D and 3D Visualisation with distinction Loughborough University

Boon has a decade of working experience in printing, promotions, and advertising, working with brands such as Skippy, Lipton, Martell, Chivas, and Alfa Romeo, and government statutory boards such as BCA and NEA, before moving on to tertiary education.

Lor Hui Yun

Lor Hui Yun

Lecturer, Design Faculty

Lor Hui Yun has more than 6 years of filming and photography experience. She has a keen interest in creating music videos and has worked with singers globally. She graduated in 2015 from Goldsmiths College with a honours degree in film.

Shawn Heng

Shawn Heng

Lecturer, Design Faculty
BDes in Communication Design with Distinction Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Shawn co-founded Simitaiji – a label with a strong focus on locally inspired design and aesthetics in 2014, and is currently a designer at Yellow Octopus. He is also excessively obsessed with kerning and leading.

Xu Zhi Wei

Xu Zhi Wei


Zhiwei has been in the advertising industry for 12 years, of which five as a copywriter, and seven as a strategy planner. He specialises in recruitment, retail, tourism, and public service, and has worked with clients such as National Arts Council, National Heritage Board, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Bugis+, and United Overseas Bank. The move from writing to planning sees him solve communication challenges by marrying creative and media strategies to achieve synergized campaigns.

Sheau Chan

Sheau Chan

Lecturer, Design Faculty
Design Faculty. BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. Camberwell College of the Arts

With close to 20 years of global client experience in London, Singapore & Bangkok, Sheau’s multi-disciplinary skills range from corporate, retail & FMCG branding, paper engineering to signage & environmental graphics. Her winning entry in the BBC Design Awards is the original prototype of the proprietary packaging solution RAP.

Garion Goh Meng Gim

Garion Goh Meng Gim


Garion has been active in mobile game development since coming out on his own and has recently launched “Groo” on the iOS and Android platform with well known local developer MojoForest. He is also the creator of LINX, a top local game back during Windows 8 launch and has worked on SG50 and other MDA-sponsored game projects. Garion is passionate about education and imparting skills to young people. He has been an adjunct lecturer with Republic Polytechnic for the last 3 years in the areas of Interaction Design and Game Design and is looking for more opportunities to share his experience and knowledge.

Elwin Goh

Elwin Goh

Lecturer, Design and New Media Faculty
BFA in Photography and Imaging. Art Center College of Design

Brewed by 10 years of experience with visual art, Elwin has cultivated a knack for narrating stories with images, working with various mediums and concepts that garnered him international photography awards for both advertising and art.

Karen Chiam

Karen Chiam

Lecturer, Design Faculty
BA (Hons) Graphic Communication, Loughborough University

Karen is a graphic designer by training. She has a background in retail and has 13 years of work experience dealing with aspects of design, marketing communication, project management. In 2015, she co-founded multidisciplinary studio DAZINGFEELSGOOD (DFG), working on projects that spans across furniture, graphic and spatial disciplines. DFG is a recipient of the international Bolia Design

How to apply

All prospective students are encouraged to contact our Recruitment Executive or authorized recruitment agents for a pre-course counseling session if they would like to enrol for a course with Orita Sinclair School of Design & Music.

The purpose of this session is for us to address the needs of students as an individual, professional and as a student of our institute.

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Application Date

Local Students
6th Jun 2019
International Students
6th May 2019